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Intellectual Property Rights in Russia

8 Federal Design Districts Program

Design-Driven Innovation


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Product Design Association (PDA) and Russia Designers Association have launched the foundation of Russian Design Council to define national design policy as a set of rules, activities and processes supporting design as a driver for national economy growth.

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Mission & Vision

RDC is a digital scenario for tools and strategies with which to orient professional community, enterprises and other representatives of public bodies, manifested as the ecosystem for Russian design industry. We are interested in promoting, supporting and advocating following design actions:

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    Differentiation Russian design on the global stage;

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    Positioning design within national strategy of innovative development;

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    Design competences for the 21st century.

Design Policy Makers

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Product Design Association (PDA) is the non-profit professional organization founded in Moscow in 2017 with the mission of development and promotion of Russian product design industry worldwide.

Russia Designers Association was established in 1991 as the Russian nationwide non-governmental creative organization which was created by professionals active in all fields of design. More than 4000 members who reside and pursue the profession in 65 cities of Russia represent Association.

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Ministry of Industry and Trade Russia

Ministry of Industry and Trade Russia

12 December 2019 Moscow, Russian

In accordance with the letter of Product Design Association
dated November 26, Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia
announces the official support the nomination of Moscow for World Design Capital Award. 

Guild of the Year

Guild of the Year

12 December 2019 Moscow, Russia

Guild of manufacturers, suppliers and design industry experts was awarded by MCCI in nomination "Best international promotion of Moscow design"

Woodworking and furniture production exhibition

Woodworking and furniture production exhibition

04 December 2019 Moscow, Russia

PDA discussion at Woodex 2019 of the role of design in wooden furniture industry "Creative Wood: ideas, production, market".

Russian Design

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Russian Design Map is divided into eight federal districts: Central, Northwestern, Southern, North Caucasian, Volga, Ural, Siberian and Far Eastern.

Each subject has its own economic and design industries, professional community and traditions with local centers such as Made in Moscow, Made in Siberia, Made in Baikal etc. All these conceptual brands, representing regional heritage, diversity, authenticity and creative potential, form the basis for understanding what does it mean Made in Russia.


Design helps companies overcome barriers to seeking new ideas, sharing knowledge and bringing good products to the market. RDC sets a goal to demonstrate governments the importance of understanding of regional and national performance in terms of design innovation.

Moscow World Design Capital 2024

The main directions of the five-year strategic program (2019 – 2024) launched by Product Design Association with the support of the Moscow Chamber of Commerce and Industry representing City for its effective use of design to drive economic, social, cultural and environmental development.

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Moscow Design Pavilion
International project to promote Moscow Design Industry worldwide.
Moscow City’s annual celebration of design that showcases different design disciplines through events taking place across the city.
Moscow Guest City
Plans for the program "Moscow - the guest city of Beijing Design Week 2021/2022.
Moscow Design Council
Moscow Office of RDC aimed at promoting, supporting and advocating design policy.
President*s Design Award Russia
Russian Highest Honour for designers of all disciplines which make a difference to the lives of Russians through excellent design.
Social Innovations 4.0
Library and Database of new materials and technologies produced or created in Russia in the terms of inclusive design strategy.

Design Policy Landscape

Collaboration is a key part of the design policy making and by working in partnership with other governments, organizations and companies we are able to support design as a driver of innovation and demonstrate how design relates to culture, business or society.


Product Design Festival

Samara,  22 August 2019

Sibir Design Fest 2.0

Novosibirsk,  22 May 2019

Design-Driven Innovation in Russia. Book introduction by Roberto Verganti

Milan,  12 December 2018